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Switching out a SCORM package- can in-progress students keep grades and get certificate?

Question asked by Michael Salmons on Aug 5, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2019 by Michael Salmons

We have a course that requires a new SCORM package be upload and associated with a module, in effect replacing the module contents. There is a problem with the existing SCORM package and the replacement module contains the fix. We wanted to know if we could retain the grades of students who passed or were making progress in the course if the SCORM package was changed. We have many users who need to get copies of their Catalog certificates of completion after they have completed the course, so that part of the course needs to still work after the SCORM switch.


We have tried applying the change in a test course with only one module. The test course has an associated certificate in Catalog.  Passing a final quiz in the module was set as a requirement to pass the course. Testers signed up as students. Some worked through the material and passed the course. Others began the material but stopped in the middle. 


We followed instructions as found in this thread:Overwrite SCORM Packages. But we encountered an error upon re-importing the grades. Canvas didn't know what module to apply the grades to, even though they are identically named. We manually indicated the module and all looked well at first. But then when a student who completed the course tried to re-retrieve their certificate of completion, Catalog did not think the course was completed.


We know we need to test when the grades are exported and re-imported more closely, as we think Catalog’s rejection of the grade in Canvas has something to do with it.  We have been able to export grades, swap the SCORM package, and re-import the grades- and the grades do change back to what they were- but Catalog says the user hasn’t completed. I wonder if there something in the background- an ID number maybe?- that isn’t matching when a new package is added. That is sheer speculation, just trying to explain what I'm experiencing.


We followed steps outlined in the Canvas support forum, but realized all they wanted to do was retain grades- they weren’t testing whether a student could still gain access to the certificate after switching out SCORM packages.


If anyone has any suggestions, or have accomplished this successfully, any help would me most appreciated.


Thanks! Michael