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Canvas API to update rubric doesn't honour free-form argument

Question asked by Jonatan Schroeder on May 6, 2020
Latest reply on May 7, 2020 by James Jones

I'm having some issues with the Canvas API for rubrics. I'm trying to assign, to an assignment, a rubric that has free-form criterion comments, but the option is never accepted. I send a POST request to https://MY_UNIVERSITY_CANVAS_HOST/api/v1/courses/COURSEID/rubrics with the following body:

{"rubric": {"title": "Lab Assignment 1: Numbers and Memory", "free_form_criterion_comments": true,
"criteria": {"0": {"description": "Q1", "long_description": "Q1: 4-Byte, little-endian value at location",
"id": "Q1", "criterion_use_range": true, "points": 4.0, "ratings": {"0": {"points": 4.0,
"description": "Full Marks", "criterion_id": "Q1", "id": "Q1YES"}, "1": {"points": 0,
"description": "No Marks", "criterion_id": "Q1", "id": "Q1NO"}}}, "1": {"description": "Q2",
"long_description": "Q2: 8-byte, big-endian value at location", "id": "Q2", "criterion_use_range": true,
"points": 4.0, "ratings": {"0": {"points": 4.0, "description": "Full Marks", "criterion_id": "Q2",
"id": "Q2YES"}, "1": {"points": 0, "description": "No Marks", "criterion_id": "Q2", "id": "Q2NO"}}}}},
"rubric_association": {"association_id": 522692, "association_type": "Assignment", "use_for_grading": true,
"purpose": "grading", "free_form_criterion_comments": true}, "free_form_criterion_comments": true}

As you can see I tried to set "free_form_criteria_comments" to true in several levels, but neither of them works. The rubric is properly created and assigned to the corresponding assignment, the criteria are properly loaded, but there is nothing I can do that will set the free-form criterion comments argument to True. Has anyone found the same issue?