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Bug with Last Activity and the Zero Activity Report?

Question asked by M S on May 19, 2020
Latest reply on May 20, 2020 by James Jones

I am seeing a potential bug concerning Last Activity and Zero Activity Report. Here is what I am seeing:


In the “People” section of course id 529, student Jacob Davis last visited the course on May 17 at 3:15 PM.

His total activity in that course is blank (should show at least 1 second of activity, correct?).

If we look at the “Page Views” section of his profile, course 529 does not appear anywhere.

When we run the zero activity report, the student does not appear in the report for this course. It as if he has attended the course, even though the "Page Views" section of his profile says otherwise.

My assumption is that the zero activity report is using the Last Activity date in the People section of the course, which is not accurate, and possibly a bug.

Please advise.