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Adding custom menu items

Discussion created by Matthew Jennings on Sep 24, 2015
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About a month ago, Kenneth Larsen added the following comment to the Canvas Production Release Notes (2015-08-08)


If you want to add an additional logout link into the left navigation for the new UI you can use the following function in your global JavaScript file:

function addMenuItem (linkText, linkhref, icon) {

    'use strict';

    var iconHtml = '',


        linkId = linkText.split(' ').join('_');

    if (icon !== '') {

        iconHtml = '<i class=" + icon + "></i> ';


    itemHtml = '<li class="ic-app-header__menu-list-item ">' +

        '  <a id="global_nav_' + linkId + '" href="' + linkhref + '" class="ic-app-header__menu-list-link">' +

        '       <div class="menu-item__text">' + iconHtml + linkText + '</div>' +

        '  </a>' +




Then to add a logout link (or any other link) simply add:

addMenuItem('Logout', '/logout', 'icon-off');

The disclaimer I would add is that the left navigation is not designed to scroll. If you make it longer than a user's screen dimensions, then anything below that will not be visible.


While this is great for a single item link, has anyone figured out how to do the fly out panel to have a list of links similar to the Courses Option?