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Where is information about "Profiles," please?

Question asked by Bridget Irish on Dec 1, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2015 by Bridget Irish

I understand our institution may have "Profiles" enabled (at the Account level)
and I'm having a hard time locating information about "Profiles" in the guides,

such as:

  • what are "Profiles"
  • where/how to turn on/turn off "Profiles"
  • any info re: using "Profiles" versus not using "Profiles"


I found this article: What feature options are currently available for an entire Canvas account?

listing features an institution needs to ask their CSM about/to turn on, but I don't see "Profiles" listed.


Also re: this help guide: How do I manage new features for a course?

-- I'm curious about the "How" following the second sentence - is "How" supposed to link somewhere?

"Users can enable User-Level Feature Options at the bottom of their Profile Settings. User level features are activated by your Customer Success Manager.How"


We wouldn't mind continuing to use "Profiles" except there is a broken piece to the feature:

faculty/students go to the People index,

click on a user's name which goes to user's profile page,

and under user's name there is "Ways to contact [user's name]"

but no messaging icon for faculty or students

(though it does appear for admins)


See also this related feature request:

Message Icon in Profile


In the meantime, I will contact our CSM about "Profiles."


Thank you for your time and help with this.