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Start/End dates for courses

Question asked by Christine Lee on Dec 9, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2016 by Stefanie Sanders

Hi Canvas Community


I am trying to get my head around the start/end dates for a course. I've read through the guides and also through this document ( ) which was very handy!


From my understanding there is a sort of hierarchy that goes on with all of the dates. I just wanted to get some clarification on some parts so that I can ensure I properly understand everything. I'll follow on from the example that they used in the pdf with Professor Smith and his psych class.


In the example the student access date was from the 5th January, but then Professor Smith overrides this date in his course and sets it as 12th January.



1) Assuming there has been no course access dates set, if the course is published prior to the 5th January will students be able to go into the course, read/write in it? Or will it just appear in their future enrollments and then they will get access on the 5th? I assume it will be the latter?


2) Now, lets add in Professor Smith changing the course access dates to the 12th January, but he does not select the "Users can only participate in the course between these dates" box

a) I'm assuming that if the course is published prior to the 12th January, say on the 8th, that students will be able to read/write in the course

b) But, if the course is published prior to the 5th January (meaning prior to student access and course access) then students won't be able to read/write until one of the access dates comes around. I'm assuming it will be whichever date comes around first as he didn't select the checkbox so it isn't restricted to only the course access date.

c) If he does select the checkbox, then irrespective of when he publishes, students can only read/write when the course access dates come round.


3) When setting the course access dates, say you don't put a start date as you only want to change the end date. Will the start date default to whatever date you have set as the student access?


I hope that makes sense and I don't sound too silly asking these questions.


Thanks so much!