Rich Text Editor in Speedgrader Comments

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    Add the Rich Text Editor to the Comments section of Speedgrader.


    "I want to recommend books, etc., or to properly format foreign words, and so on, and want to set the example, of course, of doing so properly.  Thank you"


    "Instructors have told me they'd like formatting (bold, italic, colors) in the comment boxes in order to emphasize a statement without typing all caps (which seems like they're yelling at the students)."


    "As an instructor in a virtual classroom I need to be able to make my communication with students richer to better get my points across.  Add rich text capabilities and allow me to make the Comment boxes larger while you are at it."



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    Originally Posted By: Joshua Shannon
    Special thanks for contributions by: Teri Portman, Albert Turner


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    August 5 Update from Christi Wruck

    Hey Guys, I'm sorry to say that this feature isn't possible with our current architecture. We know there is a desire to have RCE in many places in Canvas and will always try to find ways to add it. Hopefully, in the future, we'll be able to accommodate this request!


    Community Team Update

    We are going to archive this idea until we hear differently from product.  If there are future updates you can receive them by following or bookmarking this idea.  We really appreciate the work our product team put in to researching this and everyones patience in waiting for a response.