Comprehensive Course Search Tool (Searching Course Content for a Topic)

Idea created by Tracey Anne Weiler on Apr 16, 2015
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    I always find it useful to search for content using an index or an actual search tool rather than just scrolling through all of the pages one by one to find what I need.  I can see many uses for this:

    1. As a student, I know that a particular topic was covered but I'm not sure where.  I can search the course for the keyword and the page hits will come up.
    2. As an instructor, I want to know where else these students have seen a particular concept.  I can search a bunch of courses for a keyword and the courses and page hits will come up.
    3. As a student, as I am trying to integrate information from multiple lectures within a course or within multiple courses, it would be useful to see where a particular concept has been covered.




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    July 2015 comment from Mccall Smith

    Tracey Anne Weiler, thank you for posting to the community. We couldn't agree more that there is valid benefit for a course and/or global search tool; I totally see how this would be valuable. However, with the amount of work on our roadmap we will not be able to commit to this within the next 12 months. This feature is an immense amount of work because we'd need to essentially index all the text in a given course (or institution), as well as filter results based on what a user does/doesn't have access to see.


    With that said, this is something I think is important and do not want to lose sight of. We are doing a lot of work around content (Commons for example) and searching enhancements need to be considered.