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Idea created by Jennifer Hunter on Apr 16, 2015
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    Below is text from a higher education faculty:

    Back in February I inquired about improving the Quiz Statistics feedback after my multiple choice exams. It improved subsequently. Now I see item-by-item charts showing how many students answered each choice for each item. And I can download 2 excels, one showing how many students got each question wrong/right, and what each student chose for each item of their randomly generated quiz items.


    Previously, the graphs showed me not only how many students made each choice on each item, but it also showed (simply by scrolling over the bar in the graph) WHICH students made each choice. That enabled me to award some extra points each week (15 weeks) in about 10 minutes. As it is now, I have to use the 2 Excel tables plus the bar graphs to figure out what each student put for the frequently incorrectly-answered items. This takes about 30-35 minutes each week. It's tolerable and I can get done what I need to (prior to Instructure's semi-fix of this problem it would have taken well over an hour each week), so I'm OK with this fix.
    But I can also say that if they'd left it the way it was the first 2 weeks of this course (before they removed the feature) I could save 20-25 minutes each week, which would be even nicer.

    If you think Canvas won't restore the feature the way I used to like it, that's fine. I just wanted to provide this feedback that my concerns were adequately but not completely addressed by their fix.

    Comment from Instructure


    We have some great news!

    Check out the Canvas Production Release Notes (2015-10-10) for more information!



    Quiz Question Breakdown by User

    When instructors view the breakdown of a quiz question, they can see the number of respondents for each answer choice. This statistic is in addition to the percentage of respondents. Instructors can click the respondents link to view the names of the students who chose each specific answer.