Quiz Statistics: Restore Information about Which Students Selected Each Answer

Idea created by Tamara Ferguson on Sep 4, 2015
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    There were two now archived feature ideas submitted to the Canvas Community, entitled “Restore Quiz Statistics” and “Drill Down to Individual Students”, both of which essentially asked Canvas to restore instructors’ abilities to directly see ON the Quiz Stats page which students selected each quiz answer. This is SO much easier and far less time consuming than needing to download a cumbersome spreadsheet file and plod through multiple questions and multiple students to discern which students gave particular answers for multiple questions.  This feature was very helpful in preparing both group AND individualized feedback for students.  Canvas used to have this wonderful feature, but for some reason eliminated it late this spring.  I honestly don’t understand why it was eliminated.  Yes, Canvas Community members could have upvoted the original "Restore Quiz Statistics" and "Drill Down to Individual Students" feature ideas, but I submit many didn't know this feature was removed while the voting period was open during the summer months.


    Thanks to all for considering this suggestion!



    Comment from Instructure


    We have some great news!

    Check out the Canvas Production Release Notes (2015-10-10) for more information!



    Quiz Question Breakdown by User

    When instructors view the breakdown of a quiz question, they can see the number of respondents for each answer choice. This statistic is in addition to the percentage of respondents. Instructors can click the respondents link to view the names of the students who chose each specific answer.