Add Syllabus Page History

Idea created by Mary Eichin on Sep 6, 2018
    Open for Voting

    We would really like to see the Syllabus page have page history so that instructors who spend hours on it, and then delete it accidentally, can get it back.  Other pages/modules have this feature, but not this page.


    Here is text from our most recent support ticket on this:

    I simply copied a table and added it to the end of the syllabus at the end of 'attendance' and clicked update.


    I'm then taken back to the course main page, and the syllabus is gone. Is it possible to restore the course from an earlier period? This is a major problem and I suspect it may be a technical issue. I'd be the first to admit I screwed up, but it was a simple edit.


    We have to explain to this stressed out instructor or admin (and many others before her) that all the time she spent with HTML and CSS making this the best syllabus ever is now a loss. No way to get it back.