Static Toolbar for New Rich Content Editor

Idea created by Melissa Rasmussen on Jan 29, 2020
    On Beta

    Because all of the important features for linking and adding documents have been moved from the sidebar in Canvas to the top of the Rich Content Editor, it would beneficial (and user-friendly) to have the toolbar remain static at the top of the screen when scrolling through the Rich Content Editor. As it is now, I scroll down to an area and want to add a link or attachment, but I have to scroll back up to reach these tools on the toolbar, which means I have to hope my cursor is still in the correct spot. Having the toolbar remain at the top of the Rich Content Editor, no matter where I scroll, would improve efficiency and ease of use.


    Melissa Rasmussen


    This idea has been developed and is On Canvas Beta How do I access the Canvas beta environment?

    For more information, please read through the Canvas Deploy Notes (2020-07-15)