Assigning Grades for Peer Reviews

Idea created by Kate DeMello on Jun 2, 2015
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    Part of participating in online coursework involves working with other students to improve drafts and engage in the learning community. When students are assigned peer reviews, let's be honest, they aren't motivated to complete it unless there is a grade attached. I would love the ability to grade peer reviews.


    This could be as simple as complete/incomplete, or more complex where the completion of peer reviews was part of a grading rubric for the assignment. But it would be nice if there was something in the grade book, some academic weight given to participating in these reviews, that doesn't involve manually looking up peer reviews outside of the grade book.



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    September 2015 update from Allison Weiss

    Hello all,


    Thank you so much for your enthusiasm around Peer Review. In the last few months, I have conducted multiple interviews and learned a great deal about what people want. I've started outlining what we might consider to take Peer Review to the next level. We're still in discovery phase, but I wanted to share with you where we are today and ask for your feedback. If any of you are interested in looking more closely at this or sharing some of your specific needs, please message or email me. I'd be happy to set up a phone call to learn more.


    So far, this is what we have:


    1. Allow students to submit individual work, even if they are part of a group. (Currently, group assignments allow for one submission only, made in behalf of the entire group.)

    2. Support the swapping of individual submissions within groups and across groups. If swapping individual submissions across groups, make sure that students do not evaluate members of their own group. Improve support for swapping a single group deliverable (i.e. live presentation, slide deck, or video) across groups.

    3. Allow instructors to distribute and adjust peer review assignments before notifying students. Notifications can be sent out manually or at a specific date and time.

    4. Support a three-assignment workflow (Assignment 1: rough draft submission, Assignment 2: peer review/review the reviewer, Assignment 3: final submission). Assignment 2 would link to the submissions of Assignment 1.


    Item 4 should address the specific request on this thread. To elaborate further, students would see Assignment 2 in the Syllabus, Calendar, Dashboard+Notifications, and as a separate column in the gradebook. Instructors would be able to attach separate rubrics and grades for all three assignments: one for the draft submission, one for evaluating the quality of a student's reviews, and another for the final submission.


    Other possibilities:

    • When grading Assignment 1 in the SpeedGrader, instructors would be able to easily see assignment peer feedback (from Assignment 2) and take that into consideration when giving a student a grade on their rough draft.
    • When grading Assignment 2 in SpeedGrader, instructors would be able to easily see the reviews that a student gave and take that into consideration when grading students on the quality of their evaluation.
    • Assignment 3 would be an optional stand-alone assignment that instructors could set up for the submission of final drafts.


    The four enhancements listed above seem to address the core use cases I've heard about so far. We still have to validate this, however, which is why I would love your feedback about whether or not these improvements would meet the Peer Review needs you see at your organizations.


    I can't commit to a specific time when we will execute on these ideas, but please know that I am actively preparing this project for our roadmap discussions.


    Keep your votes and feedback coming! It's awesome to see all of this support for Peer Review.



    Community Team Update

    Because this project will not be implemented within the next 6 months, we are going to archive this idea until there are updates.  Please follow this thread to receive updates as they are available.