Special language character panel/chart integration for Rich Content Editor

Idea created by CDL Taylor P on Jun 5, 2015
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    Faculty at our institution would like the integration of a special language character panel or chart into the Rich Content Editor. They feel it would be easier for students than the current methods of typing or copy/pasting special characters into their assignments and discussions. They feel it would also be easier for teachers of language courses to give feedback if special characters were more easily accessible in that way.



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    November 2015 update from Allison Weiss

    Thanks, everyone, for adding your personal workarounds to this request. With something like the Rich Content Editor (RCE), it's always a challenge to decide whether we will support numerous editing features, which could clutter the authoring experience or just a few features, which would simplify the authoring experience and result in better page design overall. As you might expect, we will probably opt for the latter in our RCE design choices, though knowing about this need is still very helpful. Please feel free to push back and share more with us about why the built-in special character shortcuts available in your operating system and browser are not sufficient for teachers or students using Canvas. That is information we still want to know.