Adjust all assignment and quiz dates on a single page

Idea created by Michael Harris on Jul 7, 2015
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    The Problem:

    Managing dates one item at a time is tedious when you are planning an entire semester. This is true for new classes, but also for existing classes since the ability to globally adjust imported dates never works for the way my institution designs new semesters.


    I would like a spreadsheet format that shows all date related events on one page. I could then set up all events and synchronize them where necessary. This could be an online form, or the ability to download a csv template and reupload the dates.


    I have attached a simplified snapshot of this kind of spreadsheet.


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    November 2015 Update by Jason Sparks

    We are looking at bulk editing tools for quizzes, but that conversation is taking place in a different part of the Community, please join that conversation at Create Question Banks from MSWord.  A bulk date management tool is a larger project through the entire platform and something we may consider for a larger project at a later date. I do understand the need, so know this is not falling on deaf ears.