Multiple Answer quiz question - partial points without penalty

Idea created by Matt Lewis on Aug 4, 2015
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    Currently the way partial points in a multiple answer quiz question works is to dock points for incorrect answers.  This is necessary, otherwise one could just select every choice and get full points.


    But some faculty would like to give points for each correct answer without penalizing for incorrect choices.  This could be done if the number of choices became limited to the total number of correct answers.


    So this feature idea is to add an option to the multiple answer question type that would limit the number of possible choices  a student could select to the total number of correct answers and allow for full partial points without subtracting points for an incorrect guess.


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    November 2015 update from Jason Sparks


    Hello, Canvas Family!


    We want to implement partial credit across all of the item types quizzes tool.  We are exploring a series of extensive improvements to the quizzes toolset, which includes this idea and much more. I know we won't be able to deploy this idea in the next six months; however, be assured we've listened and want to implement this in the not-too-distant future.


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