In Permissions, Separate Manage (add/edit/delete) courses into 3 permissions

Idea created by cms_hickss Expert on Sep 2, 2015
    Open for Voting
    Please change, nn Account Roles the  "Manage (add/edit/delete) courses" from a single setting to three separate settings.



    Manage (add / edit / delete) courses


    Should become:

    • User can Add courses
    • User can Edit courses
    • User can Delete courses


    One reason for this request:

    This would allow you to set Sub-Account Managers (or other roles) to having only the permissions needed for that role instead of none of them or all of them. For example, the ability to add a course but not to edit or delete a course.


    Note: There is this one as well, In Permissions, Separate "Manage (create/edit/delete) course sections" into 3 permissions  (this is for the same thing but with sections and not courses)


    Comments from Instructure


    We have exciting news about the first phase of the Priority: Granular Permissions.  The New User Interface is included in the Canvas Production Release Notes (2018-07-14) .  Go check it out!