In Permissions, Separate "Manage (create/edit/delete) course sections" into 3 permissions

Idea created by cms_hickss Expert on Jul 20, 2015
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    Please change each the "Manage (create / edit / delete) course sections" from a single setting to three separate settings.



    Manage (create / edit / delete) course sections



    Should become:

    • Create course sections
    • Edit course sections
    • Delete course sections


    One reason for this request:

    This would allow you to set a Sub-Account Manager or Course Designer (or other roles) to having only the permissions needed for that role instead of none of them or all of them. For example, the ability to create course sections but not to edit or delete them.


    Note: There is this one as well, In Permissions, Separate Manage (add/edit/delete) courses into 3 permissions  (this is for the same thing but with courses and not sections)



    Per Cosme Salazar in More granular permissions for admins and In Permissions, Change "ADD, EDIT, and DELETE" into Three Separate Settings I have divided out the multiple functionality settings into their own requests. There are now 10 separate requests.




      Comments from Instructure


    July 2016 update


    Greetings, Partners on Permissions


    Thank you for the time, energy, experience, and knowledge you have put into these threads.  The granulated permissions threads have been open and gathering information for almost a year now.  This extra time has allowed our team to collect important feedback and perspectives.  Each of the permissions threads contain valuable stories that will help inform development if/when a project is allocated for.  Having worked with Allison on these, and now working with Matt G., I know that the product team is sincerely interested in improving permissions, however the magnitude and impact of such a project does not make it one that is easy to squeeze in.  We will be archiving these permissions threads for now.  Archiving these threads does not mean they are forgotten; they are set aside, while they are inactive projects on our roadmap.  The ideas are monitored, so you can continue to add your examples and use cases to the dialogue.  Please follow this thread to receive updates when they are available.


    Again, thank you for the rich conversation!