Give Access to Camera to Embed Pictures

Idea created by Nikolina Petrova on Sep 7, 2015
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    Hello fellow Canvas users,

    I was surprised to find out that students have access to their camera to record a video in the Rich Content Editor but do not have the same ability to take a picture and Embed it directly. As a math teacher to young students, I would like for students to be able to do some of their work, common core modeling on paper and then with One Click of a Button to upload that work for me to review.

    It is very useful for any science and math class or for a teacher to see the students work prior to answering the question.  Teachers can use it the open response quizzes and the homework assignments and students will not have a saved picture on their Chromebook or another device. It should be a direct snap a picture in the Rich Content Editor for teacher speed grading and analyzing,

    Currently,  students have to take the picture save it either in their Drive or worse, on a different website, and then find it, upload it and on and on. It's too many steps to do while a young mind needs to concentrate on the work not on how to turn it in.



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