A way to save a draft for Text Entries

Idea created by Emerson Call on Sep 24, 2015
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    Text Entries are how most of my teachers do their assignments. If I want to start an assignment when I have a little time, and then continue working on it later, the only real way to do so is by writing it in an external application that I can copy and paste into the text box when it's finished. It would be incredibly convenient if I could start writing an assignment in Canvas, and save a draft of it if I have to go before I finish. This would save the trouble of needing to log into Google Docs or a similar application in order to save my draft, and then later needing to find what I've written again and the assignment it was for on Canvas. A way to save drafts could remove the hassle of using an outside application, allow me to work in as short of time periods as needed, and conveniently keep what I've written connected to the assignment that it is for.




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    January 2016 update from Jason Sparks

    I understand where you all are coming from and can see the need for this feature. We would likely implement this feature across the platform and the variety of interaction points in Canvas; this would require some strategic thinking across the product management team and looking at when we would be able to work this into our roadmap.  I can comfortably say we are planned well into 2016; assignments do need some love.  We will likely pursue this sometime in the future. For now, I would like to archive this idea. I am tracking this request for when we are able to implement.


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