Option to Hide Inactive Students from Gradebook

Idea created by awilliams Administrator on Jan 21, 2016
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    So we implemented some changes to our process for handling dropped students based on the new Inactive enrollment status for withdrawn students feature. This is going to be a great improvement when it comes to faculty access of dropped students activity in a course (usually for financial aid or grade dispute reasons). However, one issue we've run into is that the inactive students are still showing up in the gradebook. I understand this is intended functionality and the rationale behind it, however, our faculty do need a way to hide those students from their gradebook.


    What I would like to propose is something similar to how the "Show Concluded Enrollments" toggle works in the gradebook settings. I'm not too particular on whether the default should be "hide" and the toggle should "show" or vice versa but having the option to filter them out would be a huge help.


    Edit 1/29/2016:

    I would want this toggle to be permanent, rather than session-limited the way "Show Concluded" is. This way the setting lasts until it's toggled back off, rather than having to be re-toggled on each new session.



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