Completely Anonymous Grading, Persistently Blind Grading

Idea created by Ellen Healy on Apr 11, 2016
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    We would like to have the ability to have graders use Speedgrader and the grade book without seeing who the students are. The  teacher of record would be able to see this but we would like the ability to be flexible in either allowing graders to see student names or not.




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    From Christi Wruck:

    We would like to make some upgrades to the anonymous grading features we have in Canvas. This sounds like a great idea. We don't currently have resources planned to work on anonymous grading in the next 6 months, but anonymous grading is something I'm interested in researching more so that we can build out more robust functionality. Thanks for the idea submission. At some point, you may see an invite from me to join a group to talk more about anonymous grading.