Include rubric assessments in Peer Reviews API

Idea created by Rob Ditto Expert on May 2, 2016
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    This idea is a companion to Prof. Clint Tuttle's Download each peer assessment score by student..

    • Background: A Peer Reviews API was added to Canvas in 2015 and can currently assign (POST) or clear (DELETE) peer reviewers to a submission, as well as download (GET) peer reviewers' overall comments on each submission.
    • Need: If a rubric is associated with a peer review assignment, a student reviewer can enter rubric assessments -- ratings and/or comments on each criterion in the rubric -- for the submission they've been assigned to review. However, these rubric assessments can't be accessed via the Canvas API currently.  As Clint points out, they can only be viewed individually in SpeedGrader
    • Potential use cases:
      • For each assigned peer review on a student's submission, GET the reviewer's rubric assessment (points and comments) via API if they exist.
      • Enter (POST), correct (PUT) or delete a rubric assessment via API on behalf of a student.
    • Related benefits: If implemented, the GET capability might help make Clint's idea possible.


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