Course-Level Setting: Restrict Users to Their Own Section(s)

Idea created by Joni Miller Expert on May 4, 2016
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    I'm resubmitting the idea Limit visibility to Section Users submitted originally by Wade James and supporting information added by Ben Reynolds and  Melody CSUCanvasAdmin-Brake

    When dealing with multiple sections (created manually or cross-listed), the ability to easily limit visibility to other sections users is very important in many cases to comply with FERPA or to maintain control and order in large courses with many sections and teachers/TAs.


    A single, course-settings-level check-box would modify user privileges from "this user can view students in any course section" to "limit this user to only see fellow section users".


    This can currently be turned on one user at a time. How do I limit a user to only view other users in the same course section?  It should be made more clear - it is not just one click per student to change this permission - it is actually 3 actions per user enrolled in the course. From the People starting point - it is (1) to select the user's name, (2) to set 'limit this user to only see fellow section users', and (3) to return back to the main People listing page [or backspace].  So, it really looks more like...


    (click-click-backspace), (click-click-backspace), (click-click-backspace), (click-click-backspace), (click-click-backspace), (click-click-backspace), (click-click-backspace), (click-click-backspace), (click-click-backspace), (click-click-backspace), (click-click-backspace), (click-click-backspace), (click-click-backspace), (click-click-backspace), ...




    In a course with multiple sections (we have several courses with with approximately 75 sections, 42 TAs, 4 Teachers and 2000 students), this is simply not a viable option.


    We don't need to do this across the board, but we do have non-academic courses such as resources or labs that use these courses.




      Comments from Instructure

    March 2017 update

    Please take a look at the SIS Import Format Documentation  section of the Canvas Beta Release Notes (2017-03-20).  Adding an end date to courses that you would like move to 'past enrollments' might help with this idea.


    January 2017 update from Chris Ward

    We've filed a ticket with the engineering team on this issue, and hope to have a solution out by fall start! Unfortunately, behind the scenes this is harder to do that one would imagine...

     Sometimes, with the volume of ideas we have come in, we miss a duplicate.  This idea has a duplicate with Edit Section: Restricting students to see own section only .  Both threads will receive the same updates.