When Anonymous Grading is on, don't add student name to filename in bulk downloaded files

Idea created by Keli Amann on May 25, 2016
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    Although it is tantalizingly close, turning on Canvas Studio: Anonymous Grading  (AG) feature in an account or subaccount does not guarantee anonymity to students using Assignments and Quizzes and we are unable to take advantage of it. We need this feature along with Completely Anonymous Grading, Persistently Blind Grading to receive 100 votes and get to the next stage. Please vote for both!


    Problem: in a file upload Assignment or question in a Quiz, the student name is prepended to the file name  in bulk zip download ("Download All Files "button on the Assignment). Instructor who are downloading files for offline grading can easily tie student to their submission.


    Solution: Name should not be prepended to file name during zip download. Name could be replaced with "Student#" where # is the same as the student numbering within Speedgrader, allowing for instructors to input grades in Speedgrader.




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