Organize the Term Selection Drop-down List

Idea created by Jason Hill on Oct 12, 2016
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    As a Canvas Admin I need a more efficient method to select the term associated with specific courses when searching for courses in the Course Filtering section of an account page. Currently, the 'Show courses from the term:' drop-down list displays all of the terms in a haphazard way making it difficult to quickly select the needed term.


    However, on the Grading page for an account (...accounts/000/grading_standards), the 'Attach terms' selection field (this field is visible when you have Grading Periods enabled and you're creating/editing a Grading Period) displays the terms beautifully by organizing the terms according to their current state (Active, Future, and Past - in that order) See my attached screenshot. I know this isn't really a drop-down list on this particular page, but similar functionality needs to be implemented when searching for a course on an account page. UVU is among the earliest of adopters of Canvas (best decision ever), and our Term list is getting as long as the list of reasons we had to switch from Blackboard back in the day .


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