Roll Missing label in Gradebook back to Beta

Idea created by Laura Gibbs on Sep 24, 2017
    This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

    UPDATE FROM ERIN HALLMARK: Canvas Beta Release Notes (2017-09-25)

    screenshot of pertinent release notes

    My proposal is that the "Missing" label feature be put back into Beta so that the engineers and designers can consider what they are doing, and then do it PROPERLY, before they roll it out again.


    After a long weekend spent in a long and ultimately useless dialogue with Canvas Support about the Missing label (details here), I am more convinced than I was before that this new feature (rolled out late in the summer) needs to be put back into Beta until the problems are fixed. Other people have documented problems and proposed fixes as follows:

    Allow "Missing" label to be enabled/disabled 

    Missing Label Placed Incorrectly/Submission on paper and online option 

    No MISSING label for zero-point assignments  

    Instructor override of missing submission badge 

    Manually graded or "EX" assignments still show as missing 


    There may be more; those are the five feature requests I know of related to the new Missing label. Rather than voting on how this mess can be fixed, I propose that we vote to roll it back into Beta IMMEDIATELY so that Canvas can take its time to find the best solutions. 


    The problems people are having with this buggy feature are abundantly documented in those requests: the Missing label is being applied to assignments that are optional; the Missing label is being applied to assignments that students turn in IRL as opposed to online; the Missing label is being applied to assignments which are graded manually (i.e. my student forgets to do a quiz; I record it manually... it's still "missing").


    Somewhere in all those feature requests is the account of a teacher whose students' parents were going to ground the students because of all the assignments the student had (supposedly) missed. I'll let her comment speak for me too; here it is:

    Overall, the Missing message is creating more stress. There are literally students who say that their parents are threatening to ground them unless they "get the work in". This notation is literally causing harm and distress in families. It needs to be changed as soon as possible.





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    For more information, please read through Canvas Production Release Notes (2017-10-07)