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Poor placement of Support button is an accessibility issue.

Hi all, I'm new to Canvas (on LMS support team) and testing it.  I'm encountering issues with a Support button that appears in the bottom right corner of the screen, and overlaps other critical buttons in the UI, such as Cancel and Save (screenshot included at the bottom of this post).

I've found a couple discussions regarding this button:

In each discussion, there are comments regarding how you can drag and drop the button to move it out of the way.  However, there are still issues with this:

  • The drag handles are directly on top of the Save button, meaning that it's very easy to inadvertently hit Save when you intend to Cancel.
  • Although you can tab behind the Support button to access the buttons that it covers up, the Support button cannot be moved using a keyboard, so sighted keyboard-only users may still be selecting a button they don't intend to select and losing their work (or inadvertently saving over work they didn't intend to save over).
  • The button cannot be closed or removed, even if you are able to drag/drop it elsewhere on the page.

I have a couple questions regarding the issues with the button:

  1. Where can I submit a high priority accessibility bug report in hopes that the issue will be addressed by Instructure?
  2. According to the discussions linked above, some users apparently do not see this Support button.  If you don't have the offending button in your Canvas instance, and you happen to know how your school or university has eliminated it, would you be willing to share that information?




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