Assignment Enhancements - New Developments

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I've just logged in to Beta and have taken a look at the changes you have made to assignment enhancements. I haven't seen these advertised anywhere, or maybe I've missed something? We originally turned the new assignment enhancements off and fed back via tl;dr blog post: but hadn't heard anything since.

I'm really pleased so see that feedback is now available alongside the student submission, this is so important for student development. This makes me really happy - seriously. 🙂 I have noticed though 'Rubric' seems to remain a seperate entity or tab. Could this not be included in the new side bar? Similar to the experience in Speedgrader? It allows students to compare their own submission against the criteria, instead of flipping, memorising, flipping again. etc. Let's make it easy for students!

I also stumbled across this little forum, (I'm finding it difficult to keep track of where to find out about enhancements and feedback) which is great, as I've also raised a few feature ideas regarding this along the way.

I like the new submission process, compared to the old, but it feels a little bit clunky in part. 


The first part looks great. Can a box also be put around the 'uploaded' section, so that it aligns with the 'upload file' section? Might make it look a bit more coordinated. I think it feels a bit disjointed at the moment. I notice that additional files are also added alongside the 'upload files' section, but multiple files might make it look a bit messy. How about using the same layout you have in the course 'files' area? Here's a suggestion:


You could add a little cross on the right hand side, so students could remove it if they wish?

Also students could miss the submit button, perhaps this button could be added to the top of the page too?

This is great progress in terms of student development and the feedback cycle! It would also be great to get your views on the ability to submit multiple submission types, and how this will display Turnitin framework assignments. 

I'd be really interested to hear from Canvas about these new developments and where they are headed, but am so impressed by these new developments. 🙂 Thank you!