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Feedback for Student Enhancements

I was reviewing the student enhancements for workshop session I did this week. At our institution we have Studio and prefer our students submit video content via Studio. When the new assignment enhancements are turned on, the Studio integration does not work. Additionally, in student view I am seeing "something is broke" error message when trying to view files. I do have a ticket into support but it seems this should work properly in production. I cannot recommend faculty use this option if it doesn't even work. 

I also checked our TurnItIn Plagiarism Review integration as well. While this does work, student cannot get to the similarity report from the assignment page. They have to go to the Grades page. I thought the whole point of changing the assignment page was to make it easier on students and that this would eliminate the grades detail page. 

Additionally, I see issues with limited attempts.  We need moderating tools just like quizzes. 


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Hi @snugent ,

It’s Maryna, Community Manager from Turnitin. Were you able to solve the issues? 

They may refer to bug fixes within Assignments. You may check the details here: 

Thus, if you still face issues, please contact Canvas and Turnitin to double-check everything on both ends. If you face any other issues with Turnitin, you are welcome to check out our support center forums here: or reach out to our Support Team directly at tiisupport@turnitin.comOur team will be glad to assist you.

Moreover, I also recommend you subscribe to the deploy notes page, change log page, or known issues page to be notified of any possible and known issues.

You are welcome to message me if you have any other questions.

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Did you manage to get the Turnitin report to appear in the new student experience? I'm seeing the same issue. It's only available through the Grades view which is a backward step for us, as we don't have the grade's view enabled as it can be misleading if staff have not configured their weighting groups correctly.



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Hi @p_a_hudson,

Did you try to solve the issue with your Canvas administrator or our Support Team? 

I guess they could be of great benefit to you and will investigate your case thoroughly.  

Please visit our new help center if you have other questions: or email us at

Our team will be glad to assist you 😊

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I reported it to Instructure, as it's their new interface. Are you saying it's something Turnitin need to change?


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Hi Paul,

It is always better to double-check everything with your Canvas administrator first. They may be aware of any known issues on their or both sides. They can also guide you further on whether you should submit a ticket via Turnitin Support Center additionally.
Still, some users prefer to get in touch with Turnitin Support Team at once, especially if they have some other questions they would like to clarify.

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