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Submission Type Choices

Can we configure the submission type choices to reorder them, or omit/move Office and prefer Google? When we test, the Google option is hidden behind the kebab menu. We generally avoid Office, although it is technically an option for our people.

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Community Champion

Second this. We have Studio, and for file upload assignments this is showing as the second button with our preferred repository, Google, buried under the kebob. We don't really use Studio for student work, but even if we did, most file upload submissions are not video. I would like to be able to set "Upload" and "Google" as the 2 preferred buttons in this workflow.

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We would prefer the option to select office without being in the kebab menu. Is there the possibility of configuiring this at account level so that we do not need a kebab menu? Institutions can then select which options appear directly within the assignment? Which tutors can then select as part of the file upload option? I'm just thinking everyone's take on this will be different, so being able to manage this locally might be a better solution?

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I would like to also say that as a Google District, it would be best if the option to upload a Google Doc wasn't hidden behind the "more" button. 




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