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Where did the comments go?

Hi! 👋

I've just seen the latest round of developments for this weeks deploy update (26/05/21). The icons look great, but I was wondering if any additional thought had been given to the spacing of attached files? It takes up quite a bit of screen space, and may be better listed as smaller items? See my previous comments.

With regard to the space where comments are added by students, can this be better signposted? Perhaps the button could be called Your Comments/Feedback? Or something to this effect. Previously students were easily able to locate the space to add comments prior to submission, but they might not think to look in 'feedback'. I think this requires intuitive signposting.

Further to this, it would be useful to clearly communicate to students when submitting an assignment, all the options available (attach file, media submission, text) that these are an OR basis. This has already been raised as an idea here. Alternatively it would be much better to allow students to submit multiple submission types.





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