Course Copy/Migration API to push default template to created shells

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Hey All,

I have trolled through the community and have found many admins like myself (who are not a programmers), who are wanting a default course shell that can be pushed to all the courses upon new shell creation. In my hunt I have found that there is a course copy API [Courses - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation]. This has been depreciated and is referred to the content migration API [Content Migrations - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation].

What I am curious about is who is using this and to what success? Pros/Cons? And do you think that the code can be incorporated with a SIS data push API where shells are created and populated?

Ultimately we would add to our shell creation/student population API a course copy request of a default course. Where we first can set all the navigation course tools/features to a hidden state. Secondly, it would also help us distribute pre-made assignments that make use of our Electronic Learning Outcomes (ELO) within the rubric criteria. Thirdly, we would be able to have a homepage to direct new and new to Canvas faculty to the instructional design & support and faculty development offices.

Hence all courses created are duplicates of the institution course template.

What I have found, but doesn't help:

Course default view from api?

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API Use Case: Standardize Course Navigation