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Ellucian's ILP

How many of you are using Ellucian's ILP? Do you find it useful? Are you using it to sync grades and SIS data?

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Thanks Matt!

Andrea, we were finally able to pull the right people from Ellucian and Instructure together for a meeting and they went over how Banner integrates with Canvas and clarified many of our questions. My original question of cross listing was answered and for Banner, the cross listing combines each section under a parent cross list course as separate sections like we are used to and does not combine them like Colleague does. Not sure why they have different methodologies... I was also very excited that they were dropping the Kimono middleware.

So we are expecting our contract to be finalized around mid-May/June and that gives us the Summer and up until Spring courses are created in Banner for testing. We are planning on a Spring deployment and for about a month we will run LMB and ILP in tandem as we finish out Fall and start Spring. One thing that we have done is purchased a separate instance for testing so we can muck it up as much as we want and also compare what a provision term from ILP looks like compared to LMB. Our Banner team is excited as they will be able to do load testing prior to our priority registration.


We're ready to take this on, and I have been in the background waiting for the latest move. We should be integrating this Summer for Fall 2020. I'm a bit confused about the crosslisting, is it not best practice to crosslist the course in Canvas when working with Ellucian, and, if not is it because of the grade push?  We definitely want to push grades, (in fact that is one of the major integration pieces that they are really looking forward to). We don't have many classes or instructors that crosslist, but there are a few and this will have to be worked out ahead of time it seems.

Also, with our old ERP we had to write a specific routine to ensure our students were concluded during the SIS uploads but it was never a really convenient process because the dropped students were still able to access content (conclude vs inactive). Does the ILP handle this more smoothly or do we have to write a separate script for those type of changes.

Like I said, I only have the documentation from Canvas at this point because I'm not in at the forefront of the Ellucian install, but I like to stay a step ahead of any changes for my faculty and student's sanity. If you have any suggestions or hints about what we should be aware of during the transition I would be grateful for anything at this point.

Hi Tyler - I was wondering if I could reach out to you via email with a few questions regarding ILP?  I'm new to this and didn't see a way to access your personal email.  We're very new to this process and have a few questions.  Thanks much, Sharon

Surveyor II

Sorry to dig up an older thread, but we're starting a project to set up ILP (SIS is Banner) and are curious if any other school(s) who've completed the ILP integration would be willing to visit (Zoom, phone, email etc.) about their experience? We're very early in the project and getting an idea what worked well, what issues you ran into and any advice you'd be willing share would be great. 

Surveyor II

Did you get any responses?  We are looking for a solution for the canvas to banner as well.   How is it going so far?

@mgudites How has the grade pushing gone?  We are running Banner as well and in our initial testing we don't see the actual user pushing the grades but just  ILP_Admin.  We also had questions on if you use any controls on when grading is available (i.e. midterms weeks 4-7, finals week 14-16).  

I also want to echo the call for help for any schools currently using ILP.  We would love to get a call going for some q&a.

Thanks, Amanda

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Hi, All,

We just completed set up of Ethos and ILP 5 in our Banner Dev environment.  There were several issues that arose that we are now working on, some of them may not be issues for others.  We would be happy to do a Zoom session with other schools but we have a lot to learn as well.  We hope to have a Banner Test environment to do more testing in June, July.  We don't go to production till late fall for the Spring 2022 term.  We are doing a limited migration using our current SIS feed for this Fall's term. These are our issues:

  1. We have a very specific course title convention that has served us for 15 years and we DON'T want to change it!!  Here is an example  SP22-MATH-10010-02  so we were told we need to use Ethos Extend to do this customization since it goes beyond what is available in vanilla ILP 5.  If you have an Ellucian support center account see:
  2. TA roles do not exist in Banner so our current SIS process to Sakai (which is the LMS we are migrating from) defines that role (anyone with less than a set % instructor assignment).  We might actually keep that process running after implementing ILP since there is no equivalent in ILP.  We are told that it is 'in the works' to do that. We plan to test this in our current DEV environment and see how well it plays with ILP.  Should work because after the initial batch ILP term load,  Canvas should still be able to take an SIS file and assign the TA role to the appropriate 'instructors' .
  3. We also have our own homegrown SuperSection builder that we want to try with ILP.  It is better than the Canvas cross listing tool.  It allows instructors of record to combine sections that they want to manage in one course site.  These are not 'official' crosslists that come across from Banner like all other courses through ILP.  Since neither Banner nor ILP 'know' about them, they should continue to work in Canvas.  The theory is that since ILP is just updating the sections, it won't care about an external constructed site as long as the link back to Banner stays the same--the SIS ID of the sections.  Those super sections will come across to Canvas through an adapted SIS feed like in #2.
  4. We ran through simple scenarios of sending a few courses with enrollments and instructors.  We also successfully sent grades back to Banner.  We need to continue testing the above  items and do more grade testing with our Registrar's office.

If you are interested in a Zoom session you can message  or email me.

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