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Explaining LTI versus LTI

I have been working with a vendor who says that their product integrates with Canvas. They have been unable to provide me with any explanation of how the integration works, except to keep insisting it would “add a link to the student’s main page” in Canvas. When pressed as to whether this meant the Dashboard, they said yes. They provided me a key and secret, and I configured the app, but it does nothing. I am beginning to suspect that I’ve had a gross misunderstanding with them. What I THINK is happening is that they’re unaware that they have to develop an LTI external app, instead assuming that by giving us the key/secret to allow Canvas to talk to their system, that it will magically put a link somewhere.


Since I’m not a developer, I feel like I’m lacking the proper language to explain this to them. If you had to explain to someone the difference between using LTI as SSO, and actually building a tool that uses the LTI framework to communicate with Canvas, what would you say? And if they were ignorant of the app-building process, where would you direct them?

I'm putting this in the Canvas Admins‌ groups, and tagging the Canvas Developers‌ as well. Help! :smileyconfused:

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Still waiting for an integration between Canvas and Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches.

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Redirect tool will get you kind of there Smiley Wink


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 @tdelillo  we had fun talking about this issue over pizza in Keystone, i.e. InstructureCon 2017

Sorry you couldn't make it  Smiley Happy


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I am dealing with one right now and each time I get a different set of directions, clearly nobody on their end tested the integration to Canvas. I am being generous taking (now three weeks of) my time to put THEIR product into OUR Canvas and I am about ready to tell them I am done and our students will not be using their services. Smiley Sad

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I would have definitely preferred discussing it over pizza than having to be here living it Smiley Wink

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Hey,  @tdelillo ‌!  If you ever feel uncomfortable about what you're hearing from a vendor, reach out  @dnelson1 ‌ who manages Partnerships for Canvas.  He can be very helpful, especially if the vendor has some level of partnership with Instructure.  He can give you the TL;DR.

We'll miss you here in Keystone!

Thanks,  @Chris_Munzo ! Great advice, and thanks for tagging Dave. I will definitely keep his name around for the future.

We missed having you here with us,  @tdelillo ‌--but your ears must have been ringing, as this was a hot topic of conversation (over hot pizza, heh).

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Good learning exercise, eh?