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Has anyone set the default Dashboard to List View?

According to this doc, institutions can set the new Dashboard List View as default for all users. Has anyone taken the plunge? 

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Not yet. I thought would continue with some "Hey we have this new feature" messaging for the first semester then go live with it in December before students return from break.  I think it will be more useful for students to have the List View but instructors will likely want to switch back to Dashboard View. To that end, I will do some directed Global Announcements that the change is coming and the how to switch back after the change for instructors. I have found that timing these changes to happen between Fall & Spring semester goes over better than springing it on folks midterm or before the start of Fall.

I would be interested to hear how others are rolling this out too!

Thanks for your feedback, Rebecca. It's especially helpful to hear about your roll-out plans. 

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We did not...and frankly, I don't think we ever will.  At the beginning of the term, when there is literally nothing "to do," it's not exactly a user-friendly introduction to Canvas for the new student!  While it's great that they can change it, I personally don't think it's great as the default setting.

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Hi Ken, yes this is what I'm grappling with. Great point about the nothing "to do" at the beginning of a term - that's probably a misleading message!

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