How is your SIS set up

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Hi Canvas Admins,

We are transitioning from Blackboard to Canvas and are a bit confused as to the best way to push a template to our courses. We're a fairly large institution with over 9,000 course shells per academic semester. In Blackboard the SIS integration pushes a template to all course shells as they're created. Pretty standard.

With Canvas we're still not clear how to replicate this. We have a template but are told that the template has to be coded as a blueprint course(blueprint_id) to be included in the integration.

I did an API call successfully but that won't work because we would have to run the process each time new course shell is created. The alternative is uploading feed files, of course we don't want to get tied up with managing endless csv files.

I'm reaching out to see if anyone else dealt with a comparable situation and wouldn't mind giving a quick summary of how they handled. Or what you think the best solution is. We use PeopleSoft.