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Live Streaming Video

Anyone out there live streaming video in Canvas?  If so, what application do you use?  What is the end user experience in Canvas??

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We recently implemented Panopto so we use that for both live streaming and recording. 

We also have WebEx with Event Center, which we could also use, but it's not currently integrated into Canvas.

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How about Google Hangouts on Air.  You can embed the feed straight on a page.

Thanks! I am learning how the embedding works.

I intend to set up live streaming to address questions from students who can't make to my office hours.

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We use Blackboard Collaborate (Classic and Ultra) and Mediasite within Canvas. 

I'm not sure if we have streamed a live Mediasite presentation into a Canvas course.  Interesting idea though.  (:smileymischief: <--  because now I'm going to try this.  LOL.)

Does your institution have the Canvas Conferences tool hidden?   This tool is quite powerful and easy-to-use especially for office-hours. What are Conferences for instructors?

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is there a plan to integrate with Microsoft Office 365 EDU Video Stream ?

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In case you didn't find a good option and want to create a live streaming website, make sure to read this article.

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Just in case, if you want to create a live streaming app, you may read this article about the features. 

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Jessicajournel, more information regarding live streaming app you can find here 😉