Managing Account Roles (when they're also a student)

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"Admins who are given student roles in a course may still be able to view admin features. To avoid
permission conflicts, admins should create a separate account."

How does you institution manage creating separate accounts for employees who are also students? We  use Colleague and are being told that users cannot have separate accounts with the same SIS ID, which does make sense. 

We just added 220+ advisors, with account level roles, into Canvas at the root account level in order for them to have an advisor dashboard with Dropout Detective, our student success and retention tool. The account level role has only one permission, Users- View List. Some of these advisors are also students and now have access to view unpublished content in their courses (as a student). 

I'd love to hear what you are doing to see if it could be a potential solution for us!

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