Cannot create pdf print out for credential badge

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Please help me, I am trying to use the print function shown below on the screen just results in a circle that constantly spins for hours upon hours.  How do I print out a pdf in the badge?  

Image of print certificate I am not able to get pdf from

Image of print certificate I am not able to get pdf from: 

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Community Coach

Hi @FrankMongiardo,

Unfortunately, I'm unable to replicate this issue on my system.  I get the loading circle for about 2 seconds after choosing the "Print Certificate" option, and then the print interface appears and I can select options and everything.  I would suggest some basic steps like making sure both your operating system are updated, possibly clearing your browser cache, and ensuring you do not have any ad or content blockers enabled.  If none of those suggestions helps, you can contact Badgr/Credentials support.

I hope this helps a bit.


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