Catalog Promo Codes do sub catalogs always inherit the main catalog promos

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It seems that promotions applying to the main (root) catalog always apply to all sub-catalogs.

Is there a way to prevent this, such that the promo codes only apply to the catalog they are assigned?


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Hi Nathan,

All sub-catalogs are part of the root catalog.  You'll need a separate sub catalog if you want promo codes that only apply to that group of courses, because that promo code applies to all sub catalogs underneath the catalog that it's associated with, as far as I know.


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Hello nathanphillips,

Thanks for posting in the Community!

Echoing what mzimmerman said, each subcatalog would be associated to the root catalog. If any promo codes are created at the root catalog level, then each subcatalog would be able to see those. For promo codes to be showing for courses in a specific subcatalog, we would need to enter that subcatalog when creating the promotion. That would be the Choose Catalog field in this guide:

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