Catalog analytics missing enrollment and completion data

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We are using catalog analytics to track enrollment and completion of courses.  

Here is our current process: 1) Courses are created in Canvas ; 2) Module Settings include "Students must complete one of these requirements" ; 3) Catalog course listing is then created ; 4) Learners enroll through the course listing.

After the course completion, we run a course analytics. Catalog Analytics are only showing that 50% or less enrolled or completed the course.  This contradicts what we see in the course under People, Grades, and individual student participation. We are finding that 1) students who enrolled in the course are not on the analytics; 2) students who completed the course have not received a completion date. 

I am not sure what we are missing. Are there any additional requirements when creating the course that are needed? Are there any additional student enrollment information that is needed?

Thank you in advance for your input.