Creating an opt-out list for a Catalog registration page

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We use Catalog to manage our Canvas course registrations and webinar listing. One of our upcoming classes is taught via a partnership between our org and two others. Obviously when people register for the course, we receive their basic contact info, but we want to provide an option for users to opt out of sharing that info with our two external course partners. Is there a way to create an opt-out link or button in the Canvas description? Would I have to do that in the Canvas module for the course itself instead? Or is our best bet just asking folks to send me an email when they register if they'd prefer to opt out of info sharing?

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@L11ghtman If you are a Canvas admin, you go into Canvas Catalog and click on "admin" from the drop down in the top right corner.  If you navigate to the "Catalogs" tab, you will see a tab called "User Defined Fields" which gives you the ability to add fields to the registration page.  You can create a checkbox field from the "Add field" option that could be your opt out.  This will not actually do the not sending of the info but would be an easy way to gather which people not to share their information for.

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