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Domain URLs, payment gateways, and SSL certs -- with a vanity URL

I am curious about how others are setting up their subcatalogs in order to allow for multiple item(index/budget) codes on the payment side?

We are stuck in a limbo where Cashnet is saying that they would need the item codes specified via the payment gateway.  On the Catalog side, this appears to require separate domain URLs for each subcatalog. Anyone else using Cashnet and solved this in a different way?

We are applying a vanity URL. Before the proposed change from subaccount path URLs to domain URLs, applying the SSL was pretty straightforward.  For the subcatalog domain URLs, we were first told that the subdomain would use hyphens to differentiate, now we are being instructed to use dots so that a wildcard cert can be applied.

Anyone been through this and have any recommendations and/or lessons learned?

Thank you!

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