Is there a way to tell when a student or students complete a course? Especially to see if they've met the Catalog certificate requirements?

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We recently started using Catalog's custom HTML certificate builder to provide certificates to our Canvas module course completers. It's a nice way to reduce the administrative work of manually creating unique PDF certificates for our students when they complete all the course requirements, plus it's free since we're already using Catalog. The issue I'm running into is that I don't think I have any way of knowing when students have completed a course, other than manually "acting as student" for each of them and checking whether they've hit our completion parameters by looking for the green checkmark on the relevant module page.

My question: is there a way to tell when a student or students complete a course and have unlocked their certificate of completion in Catalog? As it is, I have to wait after every course for emails to trickle in from students who say they can't find their certificate of completion. Usually the issue is that they forgot to hit a "Mark as done" or view a page necessary to "complete" the course requirements, but it would be nice to know beforehand and check somewhere how many students "complete" a course, how many are still incomplete, etc.

Bonus question: the course won't look "complete" in a student's profile in Canvas until after the course officially concludes, right?

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