Paypal Payflow Link Integration with Catalog

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We are attempting to connect a sub-catalog in our Catalog instance to PayPal Payflow Link using Payflow's Hosted Checkout Pages. The integration continues to fail. After clicking the enroll button, the system attempts to redirect to the payment provider, but we receive the error "We're sorry, but something went wrong".

We provided our CSM with the necessary information to configure the Catalog-side. One questionable piece of information is the case sensitivity of the merchant name. It was created in all caps and we are attempting to have PayPal support change it to all lowercase. I'm not confident this will resolve the issue, but we are giving it a try.

PayPal support told me that we didn't need to update many settings on the Hosted Checkout Page set up since we are using a 3rd party (Catalog and not our own website). I have set the transaction mode to Live and input the sub-catalog URL in the return URL field. I also enabled the secure token.

Has anyone successfully integrated with Payflow Link using Hosted Checkout Pages? Do you have any advice or can you provide any information about required settings?

Thank you!

Melissa Roach

University of Texas at Arlington