What's the easiest way you've made for students to get to the next course in a Program other than using the catalog dashboard?

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UPDATE 2/14/2024: I had my first user try to take the program from enroll in the catalog. The button at the end of each course does not work. I had to walk the user through how to find the Begin Course button in their Student Dashboard in the catalog. 😞 That's 7 steps total and more clicks than that because they have to log in.

The button *does* work for the volunteer that was enrolled manually by me to review and provide feedback before I created the Program. My guess is Canvas will only acknowledge that the user completed a course before they can continue to the next one through the catalog. After they click Begin Course in the catalog, the button works. 


I've got a program with 5 courses that must be taken in specific order. I had to make a button on the last page of the first 4 courses that goes to the next one in the series to make it easier for them to go directly to the next course in the program. I'm interested to know how others have solved this.