Best Mode to Proceed for Creating Online Material

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Okay Hive Mind, I got one for you!

I have an instructor who would like to take a beloved course material (currently out of print due to age of workbook) and turn it into an online material via Canvas. He likes the way the book organized his content (a vocational study focus) as well as how the material is reviewed for license exams (there's different styles of questions, graphs, pictures, etc that all direct relate to how the students need to execute their skill exams). He is currently using paper copies of the assignments in addition to his fully stocked Canvas class that he's built over the last 3 years.

Where should we focus efforts to take his lessons and this material to create a Canvas friendly online resource? Digital notebooks (in the spirit of an editable PDF copy perhaps?), Canvas quizzes (to expedite grading, but still give question variation), or something else? He likes the idea of auto-grading where appropriate so students can get instantaneous feedback, but wants the students to also use this "workbook" to review and study for their license exams later in the year. My gut reaction is to build chunks of quizzes to assist in quickly organizing the information similar to the workbook, but is this the best for long term access and review? What are we missing in considerations that will pay off later?

On this same spirit of conversation, we have an entire department of career based instructors who have amazing materials that they have created and we are interested in building a one stop shop online course to compile their resources. If I can figure this out for 1 course/instructor, I'd love to know if anyone has done this for a whole team of teachers and what landmines to avoid, tips or tricks to consider, etc. 

Thanks in advance!

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