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We are looking to develop new courses every term that will then run every term moving forward. Each course will be built and maintained by a course developer in Canvas and each course will have the same content every term, unless we need to make an update to the course.

For example, if we created a 4-week Music Theory course to start in January 2023, we would want that same course to run again in February '23, March '23, April '23, etc. The only things that would change are the assignment due dates and student roster (and possibly instructor down the road).

Are Blueprint courses the best way to set this up, or are there alternative ways other institutions have had success with?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Carter41

We create different template courses and save it in commons. Staff can import the contents to their courses and adjust to suits. Commons give us more flexiblilty and you can select who to share the contents with etc.

Here is a video you can learn more about commons:

Commons Overview - Instructure Community (

If you prefer reading more into details:

Canvas Commons - Instructure Community (

Hope this helps.


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