Can I find the name of the Canvas course that was shared to Commons

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We have a course on Commons and we don't know what Canvas course was shared to Commons to create it.  Is there any way for us to find out the name of the original Canvas course?

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Hello @clpatter ...

Yes, you should be able to see this kind of information if you are a Canvas administrator at your school.  In Commons, go to the "Admin" tab at the top of the screen.  Then, click on the "Stats" tab.  You should see a listing of any and all content that people from your school have shared to Commons.  In the table of that page, the right-most column is "Canvas Source".  Clicking on the icon in that column for the course in question will take you directly to the course...assuming it hasn't been deleted from your Canvas environment.  I just tested this out in my own Canvas environment, and it worked as expected.  Hope this will be of help to you!

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